adaptifont, 2021
adaptifont While constant, variable, and parametric fonts have been designed and developed in the past, AdaptiFont is an interactive system based on a generative font model and Bayesian optimization, which interactively generates new fonts. Here, it was used to generate fonts, which progressively increased users’ reading speeds.

contribution to the exhibition 'doku/fiction', 2004 doku fiction This work is made up of two parts. A Hidden Markov Model learned to represent the structure of an unobservable, latent sound-space. In a second process an unpredictable sequence of individual images is sampled from the learned model, which is made visible during the course of the exhibition at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

'perception and action', 2003 fish perception through human fly imitation In fly-fishing, it has been debated since Roman times whether a model fly should be build to imitate the fly as perceived by humans or built so as to elicit a stronger response from the fish. The development of Ephemerello Dorothea was reconstructed by C. Curtice and  used as seed for a parametric evolution of model fly images.

pluramon iClip, 1999 pluramon iClip Covarpa worked together with Heike Sperling on iCLip for Pluramon, when this format was first introduced by MTV in 1999. Based on the collages for the cover and the sound material of 'Render Bandits', it allowed rearranging and reconstructing the original audio-visual footage into a new piece.

'mom cd', 1999 mouse on mars cd 'Mouse on Mars' released a cd-rom with a collection of videos and programs utilizing their sound input under their label sonig. Several sound machines are included. With contributions by Best Intention Production, Herwig Weiser, Rosa Barba, Timothy Ingen-Housz, and covarpa.

soundroom, since 1998 soundroom The idea of soundroom is to find a representation of human interaction with space in time. Imagine the behavior of a model room with elastic confinements filled by a parametric viscous liquid. This can be visualized by using information from a 3d tracking system and simulating a model lattice. The project was featured in the book 'music dot com'.

fft based sound-to-image algorithms, since 1997 image and sound ftbsip is a collection of programs using an fft on a sound input and rendering algorithmic visualizations in real time. The goal is to find a model that gives interesting visual representation spaces that correlate with musical perception. Here are some short movies from the results using the sound of Marcus Schmickler during a performance at batofar, Paris.

mouse on mars web page, launched 1996 mouse on mars web The first official mouse on mars web site was an exploration in metaphors together with Jan Werner and Andi Thoma. The site used genetic algorithms, cellular automata, L-systems, simulated flocks, and Markov models to create images and sound. Launched in 1996 the site was taken into the collection and permanent archive of the Museum of applied arts in Frankfurt and featured in Kunstforum 185, 2007.

'projekt: haus' with Nikolay Skryl & Galina Samarina, 1996 project house This was an attempt at constructing a model of an interactive living space together with Nikolay Skryl and Galina Samarina. The representations given on this web site were used for a talk given at the University of Wuppertal following an invitation of Bazon Brock.

a-musik web, 1996 a-musik webpage The images of the original web page for the 'a-musik' label were all derived from a scan of the first record released by the label: Microstoria 'init ding'. This page shows the process of constructing these images by spanning a parametric model space starting from the original scan. The webpage has been featured in several books, magazines, and online outlets.

s.t., vorhof, Brusseler Platz 10a, 1995 vorhof show: doom s/t was an exhibition in the 'vorhof'. Frank Dommert invited to work on the entrance area at Brüsseler Platz 10a in Cologne. The small staircase leading into the basement was transformed into a non-place modeled after 'doom'.

'buildings' , 1995
baked city scapes
Architectural elements were modeled with bread dough. The image sequence shows urban landscapes obtained by grouping the baked objects.

'innocent', 1994 mirrored full metal jacket In this work models of the wooden constructs used in Stanley Kubrick's movie 'Full Metal Jacket' were reconstructed and confronted with mirrored still images of the original film.

exhibition at 'borey' gallery in St. Petersburg in 1993 'talk softly' show 'talk softly please' was an exhibition at 'borey' gallery in St. Petersburg. A model of the box hanging from the ceiling in the Cavendish Laboratory during the 1910s was reconstructed in one room of the gallery. The light emanating from the reconstructed box illuminated the surrounding walls with the mirrored text.

exhibition 'the work of the last months', Cologne, 1992 models Five models of architectural structures were build and the intermediate steps were documented photographically. The first is a plain metal structure, the second is a hunting hide, followed by a windmill, a brewery, and a coal-mine.

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